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Part 1 of Messy SEO: Handling a Site Consolidation Migration

Search specialists have observed themselves cleaning up issues following website online consolidation migrations. This is the precise situation I walked into for the MarTech brand.
Messy SEO is a column covering the nitty-gritty, unpolished obligations worried within the auditing, planning, and optimization of websites, the usage of MarTech’s new domain as a case examine.


Walking into any new SEO undertaking presents advertising strategists with specific challenges. Different website houses want answers tailor-made to their specific issues. And with such a lot of matters to remember—branding, commercial enterprise goals, web page setup, and so forth.—your mission requires specific deliberation.


Search experts have observed themselves cleansing up issues following website online consolidation migrations. This is the exact state of affairs I walked into for the MarTech emblem.


It was not anything brief of what I name an “SEO mess,” or a set of problems affecting search visibility in want of problematic answers.


I these days joined the Third Door Media crew to help clean up these troubles bobbing up from the consolidation of Marketing Land and MarTech Today. The new web site needed a person to leap into the thick of things and chart a path forward. Here’s how the process spread out:


Issues arising from site consolidation
Many groups locate their web sites in need of heavy-duty clean-up after consolidation. But, lamentably, they don’t constantly have time to undergo chronic optimization and upkeep.


In MarTech’s case, the troubles arose from a essential commercial enterprise choice for the brand.


Rather than continuing to cut up our audience between the manufacturers Marketing Land and MarTech Today, we selected to lean into MarTech. Using our sources to help marketers locate their region within the new advertising and marketing landscape made sense.


Yet, giant internet site modifications often include full-size issues, irrespective of how essential the work. And there’s nobody magic approach to restoration the mess. Instead, this example requires a multifaceted, nitty-gritty solution.


The messy facet of SEO
Before the web site consolidation, the crew took the content material posted on one platform and repurposed it for the other. For instance, MarTech Today produced content for experts discovering advertising generation and automation, whilst Marketing Land focused on a broader advertising and marketing target market. Each might tailor their content pieces to their marketplace, making mild adjustments wherein applicable.


The expected replica content problems arose following the consolidation, and the desired fixes had been far from a one-time restoration.


The new web site now has as a minimum two variations of over 1,000 articles. What’s greater, their replica is close enough to target the same topic and key phrases. To clear up this problem, we put together redirects from the content on Marketing Land to its counterpart on MarTech Today. Most of these contained the “-2” in their URL that WordPress provides to replicate slugs.


The redirects had been a wanted quick-time period solution to save you consumer experience and replica content material issues. But with the new website being as huge as it is, now not all the redirects had been set up, leaving many near-identical pieces waiting to be indexed.

Many different problems had been also affecting the web page, consisting of many applicable non-listed pages, broken links, blended content, and placement pace issues. However, we decided to tackle the duplicate pages first due to the fact they associated with our website’s primary offering; advertising method, news, and insights. Fixing the issues affecting content visibility and best is thus the concern.


Considerations and solutions
Working on these crucial problems after a site migration and consolidation isn’t glamorous by way of any way. However, while attractive with any messy optimization mission, you want to make sure your expectations align with the likely results.


The truth is, you gained’t see the results of your efforts for a while. And that’s OK.


Google and other search engines like google need time to research the website online for these modifications, and we need them to be thorough. Fortunately, putting in the redirects directs site visitors to the correct pages without delay, preventing UX troubles until the consolidated pages are indexed and ranked.


Redirecting our awareness
Because the content on each reproduction page in query is focused towards separate audiences, there are some factors to recollect to decide what is going to appear on the consolidated web page. These consist of the following:


How is the web page acting?
How are human beings interacting with the web page?
Which content material is quality applicable for the target audience?
Using statistics available from Google Search Console and Analytics, I reviewed clicks, impressions, average page perspectives and time spent on them, and an entire host of other valuable facts. This records helped me solution concerns #1 and #2.


But, because the site has best been stay on account that May, extra information turned into required to decide which content aligned with MarTech’s target audience pastimes.


Speaking with our talented writers and reviewing keyword records helped me decide which portions of duplicated content material were nice appropriate for MarTech’s target market. It allowed me to start the method of placing the quality content material on our new consolidated pages. And by redirecting the duplicated URLs, I’m capable of factor people and search engines to the maximum suitable vacation spot.


Wrapping up
That’s it for this primary installment of “Messy search engine optimization.” Next, we’ll preserve to go through the steps taken in the direction of cleansing up the mess put up-web page consolidation.


Have you worked on a domain consolidation challenge on your commercial enterprise or customers? What procedures and equipment did you operate? Email me at cpatterson@thirddoormedia with the concern line Messy SEO Part 1 to allow me recognize.


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